eytzinger brand

Our gold-beating business has been producing gold leaf since 1867

Eytzinger produces gold leaf …

Gold leaf flakes, silver leaf, palladium, gold powder, gold leaf on rolls and tools for gilders.
You are buying your gold leaf directly from one of the oldest gold-beating businesses in Germany.

At present, over 50 employees with extensive experience use the very latest technology to produce genuine gold leaf to meet your needs as a gilder.

Working with gold leaf

We are passionate about working with gold leaf. We provide professional advice about everything related to gold leaf, including the technologies used for gold-plating and the gilding process itself.

If you work with gold leaf, you will need tools and gilding materials. We have conducted in-depth testing on all the materials and tools we provide for gilders. Find out for yourself.

I look forward to working with you.


Christian Scheuring – Managing Director