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Exclusive objects

Gild your world with exclusive objects

Gilding single items and objects gives them timeless appeal and makes them look great in any style of furnishing, whether classic, modern or creative. Artisans in a variety of fields are often interested in gilding. Gold leaf, in fact, gives hand-crafted items a very special luxurious look. Depending on the gilding technique, the gold leaf surface can have a matte, glossy, textured or antique-look finish. In most cases, the surface needs to be varnished to avoid any damage to the valuable objects due to scratching.

When gilding objects, there are no limits to creativity.

There is a long list of golden objects: the spectrum ranges from publicity ideas for companies, including a gold vending machine for gold bars and coins and even a golden football table for ambitious football fans. Almost anything is possible.

What would you like to gild? We look forward to a creative exchange of thoughts and ideas. Please contact us!