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Powdered gold

Powdered gold, powdered silver, powdered palladium – finest precious metal powders from master craftsmen

The base materials for this extra-fine powder are thinly beaten gold leaf, silver leaf and palladium. The manufacture of powdered metals is a complex procedure carried out purely by craftspeople. This is the only way to achieve the consistency of an extra-fine powder. The final result is an extremely fine-grained and rich precious metal powder.

The extra-fine metal powders are produced in the following carats and colours.

  • Art. no 34710 Powdered silver 999 extra fine
  • Art. no 34720 Powdered gold 12 carat extra fine
  • Art. no 34730 Powdered gold 22.5 carat extra fine
  • Art. no 34740 Powdered gold 23 carat extra fine – Ducats (shade of yellow)
  • Art. no 34750 Powdered gold 23 carat extra fine – French Red (reddish shade)
  • Art. no 34760 Powdered gold 23.5 carat extra fine – Rose Noble
  • Art. no 34770 Powdered palladium extra fine – (pure palladium)

Packs: 2 grammes, 5 grammes, 10 grammes, 50 grammes – other fillings possible

Special colours:: Almost all the gold leaf shades we produce can be processed into Standard and Extra-fine powders in quantities of 100 grammes upwards. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any queries. You will immediately receive a non-binding offer.

Price enquiry for our powdered gold

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  • Carat number
  • desired shade
  • required amount of powdered gold