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Architec T40

Architec T40 – Professional adhesive for a shiny gilded finish for indoor use.

Architec T40 is a specialist adhesive for gilding with 22 – 24 carat gold leaf in indoor areas, for a shiny appearance. The surface to be gilded should be sealed or only very slightly absorbent. Then using a soft brush, apply the adhesive to the surface to be gilded. After one hour, the surface can be gilded with loose or transfer gold leaf.

The finished gilded surfaces can be immediately brushed and polished with a firm ox hair gilder’s mop. The result depends on the surface and layer thickness of the adhesive: the gilded surface can be anything from a high gloss to a silky finish.

The following packaging sizes are available

  • Art. No.: 8840250 Architec T40 – 250 ml
  • Art. No.: 8841000 Architec T40 – 1000 ml

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