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Sacred building exteriors

Sacred architecture shines with the lustrous splendour of gold leaf

Gold and gilded surfaces have always had a huge impact on people. Builders of sacred buildings recognised this early on, using gold leaf as a distinctive, impressive feature on façades, towers and exteriors. Gilded elements send out a special message to the faithful and to visitors to sacred edifices – gold has been a symbol of appreciation and reverence throughout the millennia. Gilding can be seen from afar on the buildings and holy sites prized by all world religions, serving to honour their gods and saints.

The types of gilding on the exteriors of sacred buildings are just as diverse as different world religions, their churches and temples. Its versatility and durability have given gold leaf its trusted reputation when applied on marble, stone, concrete, iron, copper, wood, glass and many other surfaces. Gold leaf is resilient to extreme temperatures and can cope well with windy and adverse weather conditions. These arguments all favour using gold leaf on the exteriors of sacred buildings. Gold leaf gilding is most susceptible to damage when people touch it. That means: the longer it is untouched by human hands, the longer gold leaf retains its lustrous shine.