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Sacred building interiors

Gilded altar, Mexico

The fascination of gold leaf in sacred buildings

Gold leaf has been found on and inside sacred buildings and objects of all world religions for thousands of years. Wafer-thin gold leaf is used for decoration and embellishment. Gilding the interior of temples, mosques, churches and synagogues has an undeniable charisma: it points out the divine and superior. Everyone knows the feeling of awe when entering a place of worship. The radiant gold sheen reinforces this feeling.

Eytzinger gold leaf is requested for use in gilding sacred buildings worldwide

We deliver gold leaf to church painters and craftsmen who are commissioned to furnish and gild places of worship. Many churches and monasteries even have their own workshops, where employees produce and gild objects of devotion. The monasteries and icon painters of Mount Athos are known worldwide for their gilded and painted icons. It is a special honour for us that gold leaf from our workshop can be found in places of worship around the world, and that it amazes worshippers and visitors alike.