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Villa & Palace

A palace without gold leaf is like a king without a crown

Gold leaf from the Eytzinger gold leaf factory has brought lustrous splendour to royal palaces and villas throughout the world. Our large range of gold leaf colours help the customer meet individual requirements when planning the interior design of the palace or villa.

Gold leaf still plays a significant role in design since its “invention” more than 5,000 years ago. This ultra-thin precious metal was a favourite of the Pharaohs of Ancient Egypt for decorating their palaces. Gold leaf is increasingly used on luxurious magnificent buildings. Whether in a private villa or newly constructed palace – wherever exclusive interiors and unique architecture team up, gilded elements are sure to be part of the ensemble. A global trend that puts Eytzinger at the forefront of gold leaf suppliers worldwide.

When selecting the right type of gold leaf for palaces or villas, customers can choose from a variety of different colours. Royal families in Arabic countries have a preference for red gold colours in their palaces, and oligarchs tend towards grey, modern shades of gold leaf.

Do you wish to compare different gold leaf colours? Request our Gold leaf colour chart.