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Glass gilding

Glass and gold leaf – classic glass gilding and laminated glass with gold leaf

Reverse glass gilding – We can still find the classic combination of glass and gold leaf today in old glass gilding on shop windows. This reverse glass gilding has a long tradition, and is highly effective in advertising due to its high “brightness”.

Laminated glass with gold leaf – A modern and extremely durable variant of glass gilding is laminated glass (composite glass) with a gold leaf “inlay”. This innovative technique makes it possible to laminate an infinite variety of gilded designs and preserve them between glass.

Composite glass gilded with gold leaf is an interesting option for architects and designers. Composite glass laminated with gold leaf is the perfect material for creating facades on modern buildings. It is also used by exclusive furniture producers and kitchen manufacturers. Composite glass with gold leaf is suitable for furniture fronts, furniture surfaces, glass doors and representative company signs.

The advantages of glass gilding are highly persuasive: it is extremely long-lasting, the surface can withstand exposure to the elements, and it is easy to clean. Due to the reflection of existing light sources by the gilded glass surface, additional lighting is usually unnecessary. As a positive side effect, there are no costs for energy and lighting.

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