eytzinger brand

Signs & notices

A gold-plated sign shines even without electricity

Make a conscious effort to notice the gold-plated signs and notices on the front of buildings and outside shops, restaurants or bars. You will be amazed at the radiant quality of these gold-plated signs. Depending on how the light strikes it, the gold leaf shines in the sunlight or reflects the last bit of residual light when it gets darker, making the sign highly visible. This is a special feature, which cannot be matched by any conventional sign, for example those illuminated using electricity. Gold-plated signs are also frequently found in towns with a historic old town centre – the promotional impact of gold-plated notices has been recognised since the Middle Ages; it improves the townscape and creates a sophisticated impression. If you want to attract attention to a restaurant, bar or shop, particularly in a historic old town, a gold-plated sign is the ideal choice. What is more, the gold-plated signage will outlast the life of the business itself, usually by centuries.

To make sure this happens and to protect the durability and radiance of the sign, the gold plating must never be covered with protective varnish. Over the years, fine cracks in the varnish can result in damage to the gold plating, causing it to become tarnished. Only an unvarnished gilded finish can reflect light without stray light loss and ensure a golden radiance in the streets.