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Exclusive shopfitting inspired by modern gilding craft

The search for a luxurious, unique shopping experience at the highest level has become an everyday occurrence in cities around the world. This trend is reflected in exclusive shop fittings. Interior and exterior design should meet the demands of the clientele and the luxury goods on offer. What could be more sophisticated and exclusive than the use of gilded elements in shopfitting.

Example of exclusive shopfitting – gilded staircase

Exclusive gilded elements in shopfitting

With exclusive shopfitting, the gilding of ceilings, walls, display window panes, furniture and decorative objects provides the designer with a wide range of potential applications. Gold leaf in a square shape gives smooth surfaces in the shopfitting a slightly textured, silky, sophisticated gold shimmer. A gilder offers the shopfitter the finest, professional gilding techniques combined with a wide range of gold leaf colours. There are no limits to creativity in an exclusive shopfitting in terms of colour and surface design.