eytzinger brand


Gold leaf candles – Heavenly light from experts

A wax sculptor is responsible for precious handmade gilded candles. Gold-plated wax ornaments are engraved and placed on the candles as decoration. The candle becomes a wax artwork through painting and patination.

Original gilding with zwischgold

50 years ago, the use of zwischgold in the gilding of candles was widespread. This special gold leaf has a gold leaf side and a silver leaf side. Through the joint beating process, the gold leaf can be beaten extremely thin on the silver leaf. During the beating process, the metals combine by means of cold fusion and further processed in the same way as standard gold leaf. In the past, wax sculptors preferred gilding with this zwischgold for financial reasons. However, these days the production of zwischgold is no longer profitable. Today, coloured foils, metal leaf and gold leaf are used in candle production.