eytzinger brand


Gold leaf manufacturer since 1867 – innovative craftsmanship with a long tradition

In 1867, cheese manufacturer Johann Gottlieb Eytzinger discovered his passion for gold leaf. At the time, Eytzinger did not realise that 150 years later, his company would have become Germany’s oldest and yet most modern gold leaf factory. Eytzinger has been producing premium gold and silver leaf in a wide range of colours and shapes for more than 100 years.

The crocodile – one of Germany’s oldest registered brands

A crocodile adorns all our company’s products. The registered trademark goes back to one of the founder’s sons. An aficionado of the exotic hobby of crocodile hunting, he gave the reptile a place in our history more than a century ago. Since then, the Crocodile Brand has emblazoned Eytzinger gold leaf. The company is now in family property for the third generation, currently managed in the third generation by Christian Scheuring. 50 committed employees are active in production, development, administration, sales and despatch, as well as providing advice for application queries.