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Golden light – When gold leaf and light come together in a lamp shade

Lamp shades and light fittings that are gilded on the inside reflect light and change the luminous colour of a light bulb so that we perceive it as warm evening sunshine. This light transformation is only possible with genuine gold leaf, which has the unique ability to reflect light in this spectrum. Gilding a lamp shade is thus not only an artistic effect but also creates a warm lighting effect.

A few things must be considered when gilding lamp shades. Please be careful not to forget the conductivity of gold leaf and metal leaf. With electric lamps, it is essential that these materials do not come into contact with any live parts of the lamp. With genuine gold leaf, the heat emitted by the lamp bulb will not lead to any change in colour or oxidation. In the case of non-varnished imitation gold leaf, a slight source of heat, such as a light bulb, can keep the surrounding area dry and thus delay oxidation. Lamp shades are made from fabric, glass, paper or plastic. The right adhesive must be used for each type of material.