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Laminate with gold leaf

Laminate with gold leaf from Dekodur

Laminate with gold leaf from Dekodur – exclusive, robust surfaces for interior fittings

A surface gilded with gold leaf that should be easy to work with and scratch-resistant? Carpenters and people working in shopfitting and interior design are increasingly being confronted with these requests. Gold leaf laminate can easily meet these requirements. The surface of laminate with integrated gold leaf and platinum is very robust. Scratches are practically impossible, and the surface can withstand everyday wear just like any conventional laminate. Thanks to intensive development work, surface manufacturer Dekodur has managed to avoid any significant reductions in the typical golden lustre of gold leaf through the laminate.

Are you interested in resilient gold leaf application in furniture and interior design?

You can find more information about Dekodur laminate, prices and purchasing under the designation “Royal Art” of the company Dekodur in Hirschhorn. Contact: info@dekodur.de