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Shellac – an indispensable varnish for gilders

Shellac may be the oldest varnish that has been used by people. It is renowned among music-lovers thanks to old shellac records. Today, this natural varnish has secured a firm footing for itself in the food and cosmetics industry.

From insect to a firm footing in the world of gilding

This natural product is produced by the insect “Laccifer Lacca”, which sucks up the sap of host plants before excreting a secretion of dye and resin. This product, known as shellac, is harvested and subject to a cleaning process. Soluble in alcohol, this varnish is often used by gilders and church painters to seal surfaces, as a glossy base for oil gilding, or as a final varnish.

To this day, it is impossible to imagine gilding without this natural product, which is used to seal surfaces and as a coating to protect gold, silver or metal leaf.

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