eytzinger brand

Architec T40

Adhesive technology for the professional – Gold leaf in gloss and matte finishes, for interior use

Architec T40 has been developed for fast, time-saving interior gilding with a shiny finish. Customers often want surfaces in a genuine gloss or matte gilded finish. Here, Architec T40 and Aqua gilding size offer an interesting combination option.

The substrate is coated with undiluted Aqua gilding size. Allow the Aqua gilding size to dry for around one hour and then apply Architec T40 using ornamental rollers, a brush or the sponge technique. The surface should then be allowed to dry for a further 30 to 60 minutes before gilding can take place. After gilding, the surface is carefully brushed over with a squirrel hair gilding brush and pre-polished. Finally, the shiny areas must be re-polished using a gilding brush made of cow hair.

The result is a perfect shine or a matte gilded finish. The gold leaf on the Aqua gilding size has a silky matte appearance, while the gold leaf on the Architecc T40 adhesive is shiny.

Note: We recommend that Architec T40 only be used for gilding with gold leaf types ranging from 22 to 24 carats and moon gold.