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Gold leaf flakes

Gold leaf flakes – perfect for gold-plating and designing modern surfaces.

Gold flakes are made from real gold leaf. To do this, the gold leaf is beaten out very thinly and then carefully shredded into small pieces and sieved using a special procedure. Gold leaf flakes are an easy-to-handle material for gold-plating and designing modern surfaces. The flakes come in cans and can be easily scattered onto the surface you want to gold plate through a perforated lid. Flake mixtures produce interesting colour effects – we can put together a mixture to suit your individual needs.

Gold leaf flakes are available in packs of 2 grammes, 5 grammes or 10 grammes. Do you need other fillings? Please contact us if you need any further information.

Gold flakes in special shades

Are you interested in gold leaf flakes in special shades? We can process almost all the gold leaf shades we produce into gold leaf flakes in quantities of 25 grammes upwards. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any queries. You will immediately receive a non-binding offer.

Do you have any enquiries about gold leaf flakes – we are happy to help

Are you looking for a price? Send us some information and we will immediately send you the current daily price.

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