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AQUA Water Based Goldsize

AQUA Water Based Goldsize – Universal adhesive for gilding in interior spaces

AQUA Water Based Goldsize is a water-based acrylic dispersion adhesive with which we recommend working on non-absorbent surfaces. If necessary, it can be diluted with up to 25 percent distilled water. If faster drying is desired, you can also dilute with spirit. This universal adhesive is easy to apply with a brush, foam roller or paint gun. The drying time is one hour and the open time around eight hours, depending on the ambient temperature, the surface and its absorbency, as well as the degree of dilution of the AQUA Water Based Goldsize.

Apply protective varnish or do not touch the gilding work

After drying, an adhesive film remains on the surface to be gilded. Gold leaf, silver leaf, palladium leaf, aluminium leaf and composition gold leaf* can be easily applied to this adhesive film. However, since this adhesive film has a very soft consistency, surfaces gilded with AQUA Water Based Goldsize are always easily scratched and sensitive to damage. To prevent this, you must either avoid mechanical contact with the surface, i.e. do not touch them with your hand, or the surface must be given an additional coating of protective varnish.

Note regarding the use of AQUA Water Based Goldsize for restoration work: AQUA Water Based Goldsize is an adhesive for gilding in modern spaces. We strongly advise against its use in restoration.

*AQUA Water Based Goldsize is only suitable for composition gold leaf under certain conditions. Thick layers of adhesive can speed up the oxidation of composition gold leaf.