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Gilding cushions & knives

Gilding cushions & gilding knives – premium gilding tools

Gilding cushions

Have you ever tried to gild rapidly and accurately using a cushion of inferior quality? Our hand-crafted gilding cushions are made for you by a professional gilder. This gilding cushion is a real pleasure to use. The cushions have a smooth, even cutting surface covered with high-quality leather.

The right type of leather for your gilding cushion

The range includes gilding cushions from immaculate calf leather, as well as “Swiss Style” gilding cushions. These gilding cushions are made in the Swiss tradition using selected cattle split with a soft nap. Upon request, we can also supply gilding cushions with a strong windshield made of “elephant hide paper”. We do not offer irritating, fragile transparent paper windshields. The choice is yours!

Gilding knives

It is amazing how many unusable cutting tools there are around, sold as so-called gilding knives. Gilders often find it extremely difficult to give these knives a “smooth edge” to enable them to cut sensitive gold leaf with accuracy. We overcame this difficulty by having our gilding knives manufactured and sharpened in a knife factory, especially for you.