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Mordant gilding

Mordant gilding – The flash of gold on rough surfaces

Wax mordant

Wax mordant is traditionally made from beeswax, stand oil and Venetian turpentine. The recipes for wax mordant are adapted according to the substrate and produce a liquid or paste-like result. The mordant is stirred in a water bath and applied to the surface using a bristle brush. Mordant gilding can be found in the form of a flash of gold on cement, lime plaster, stucco and whitewashed walls.

Egg yolk mordant

Egg yolk mordant is made with egg yolk and glycerine. If necessary, the addition of a small quantity of mixtion increases the mordant’s adhesive strength. Egg yolk mordant is used when painting onto relatively smooth, slightly absorbent surfaces and it is traditionally found on plate frames.