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Oil gilding

Oil gilding

Oil gilding for use in tough conditions, in wind and adverse weather

oil gilding is the robust gilding technique for indoor and outdoor use. The so-called oil-size is the adhesive used to stick the gold leaf to sealed and lacquered substrates.

Oil-size is generally offered with various drying times. The most well-known is the Mixtion Lefranc 3-hour drying time, and the Mixtion Lefranc 12-hour drying time.

Current products no longer have anything in common with the original oil-sizes made using linseed oil. As a result of the chemical regulations introduced in order to restrict VOCs (volatile organic compounds), the world of gilding has also changed.

Criteria that are important for durable gilding with a high sheen

  • The installation location of the gilded surface
  • The properties of the substrate to be gilded
  • The substrate preparation / corrosion protection / lacquer
  • The time window for the drying and outgassing of the layers of lacquer
  • Choosing the right oil-size
  • The thinning of the oil-size with white spirit
  • The procedure for the application of oil-size using a brush, gun, roller, foam
  • The removal of the Mixtion layer with leather, foam, paper towels etc.
  • The oil-size drying time

Ultimately, the type of gold leaf used by the gilder is also vital in determining whether shiny and durable gilding is achieved – and whether he opts for palladium, silver leaf, gold powder, gold leaf flakes or even beaten metal, depending on the properties of the substrate or the location of the surface to be gilded.