eytzinger brand


Your gold-plated car – an alternative driving experience

A golden car, a gilded bus, a gold-plated motorbike or unique gold scooter. Our gold leaf has already been used in all of these situations and amazes every time. A gold-plated vehicle guarantees that passersby will always notice you. It’s definitely unusual to see a completely gilded car and isn’t something you spot on the streets every day.

How does gold leaf stick to car paint?

If the surface is carefully gilded, lacquered with a good clear lacquer several times and polished, you will have your perfect mobile, gold-plated accessory. We recommend that you then hand wash the car and avoid extreme temperatures to prevent bubbling under the lacquer. 75% everyday suitability for a car that is gold-plated from top to bottom is not bad, but it is still an accessory for those special rides – which are then even more exciting and great for taking photos.