eytzinger brand

Gilding brushes and tip brushes

Gilding brushes – from squirrel hair to synthetic fibres

Our brushes are specially produced in brush factories using squirrel hair, red sable, badger hair, cow hair, bristle and synthetic fibres. Through the use of new materials in the gilding trade, as well as the further development of gilding techniques, new uses are often found for traditional gilding brushes.

Please note that the same brush may be used by different gilders to perform very different tasks. But you will hardly find the typical net brush, poliment brush or gilding brush in any workshop. Remember: when it comes to gilding, anything that results in a perfect gilding result is allowed.

Eytzinger gilding brushes are carefully produced in small brush factories and using high-quality hair. In general, it is important that the brushes are well cared for to ensure a long life-span in tough conditions.

Here you can find a large selection of brushes for gilders, church painters, and artists.