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Gilded memorials – a golden shine for eternity

As the name suggests, memorials stand for memories. All over the world, people from the most varied cultures remember historical events or figures by glancing at memorials. Gilded memorials in particular stand for durability, meaning, and an imposing image – there’s no chance of gilded memorials going unnoticed. For a perfect visual result, the amount of gold must be carefully considered and dosed accordingly.

The location of the memorial determines the gilding technique that will be used. Indoors, oil gilding, milk gilding, Architec or poliment gilding are all options: inside, the monument is protected and is not exposed to temperature fluctuations and weather conditions. Things become more complicated if the memorial is to stand outdoors: in this case, a careful substrate preparation process is required. Oil gilding is recommended as a safe and durable gilding technique. The use of “protective varnish” can cause great damage to the gilded memorial.

No varnish coating for gilded monuments in outdoor areas

A memorial is often exposed to the elements without protection, which must be considered during the gilding process. The most important thing to consider when gilding an outdoor monument: no “protective varnish” should be added to the gilding. This causes the golden shine – also know as the “fire” – to become lost, reducing the lifespan of the memorial and detracting from the visual impact of the memorial significantly. Thanks to temperature fluctuations outdoors, the mixtion expands slightly in summer and contracts again in cold temperatures. This creates hair-line cracks and crackles in the varnish. This affects the gilding for a few years until it starts to peel away from the surface.

When carried out professionally, the gilding of a monument should last for centuries – even outdoors, exposed to the wind and weather – without the monument losing its shine. Thanks to its durability and weather resistance, gold leaf is perfect for making monuments shine and preserving memories.

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