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Glue for gilders – a natural product with varying properties

Glues are a very important basic material for the gilding work. Without glue, water gilding, glue soaking, the construction of a gesso, bole, and the production of gilding would be impossible. Gilding glue is also used for the patination, conservation, or tinting of metallised and gilded surfaces.

Glues are a natural product and are made from bones or animal skin. Due to the origin of the raw materials, the glues have different properties and a slightly mysterious “life of their own”. Every gilder knows the problem: a new glue delivery requires a test series and maybe even a quantitative adjustment of their own recipe. Experience is worth its weight in gold. Unfortunately, this valuable experience can only be acquired over time.

The glues that we offer are acquired from glue manufacturers who have suitable laboratories. We try to keep our glue properties as constant as possible. Unfortunately, as gilders require only relatively small quantities of glue, this is not easy to achieve. Due to their greater demand for glues, the paper and wood industries naturally have a louder voice among glue manufacturers.

Despite this, we succeed in delivering the best available glues with the most constant properties, and have a wide range of glues to offer you.