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Relaxing atmosphere in your hotel with gold leaf accents

A starred hotel or vacation resort is predestined to be gilded with genuine gold leaf. Subtle gilding in the lobby will add to the wonderfully relaxing atmosphere. Cheap composition gold leaf is often used and money is saved in the wrong places. The costs of repairs will definitely mount up over the years. It won’t take long (usually between one and three years) for hotel guests to notice unattractive, oxidative and greying discolouration. These damaged areas are then “restored” again with composition gold leaf at great expense. After the second restoration at the latest, the costs of the “metallisation” considerably exceed those of a real gilding.

Areas of application for gold leaf elements

Wafer-thin precious metal gold leaf is perfect for smooth or structured walls and ceilings inside hotels. No matter whether a hotel boasts a discreetly modern, classic or baroque style, we have a wide range of shades of gold leaf to choose from, offering countless design possibilities.

By using genuine gold leaf, the hotel saves the costs of repairing the gilding. 

Real gold leaf of at least 22 carats hardly requires any maintenance for several years when used inside the hotel. Gilded surfaces should be dusted with an ostrich feather duster or blown with compressed air every five years. This will allow hotel guests to enjoy the glistening gold for a long time. Hard-to-reach surfaces can wait until general refurbishments are carried out and then they will glow beautifully once again.