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The company

Eytzinger goldbeaters – gold leaf made in Germany

Having been founded in 1867 by Johann Gottlieb Eytzinger, the goldbeaters today is a modern company based in the small town of Schwabach producing wafer-thin gold leaf using the most up-to-date technology. Along with our 50 experienced and qualified employees, we create gold leaf, gold leaf flakes, silver leaf, palladium, rolled gold and powdered gold at our own manufacturing site in Schwabach. Here we will give you a look at our craft and the versatile areas of application for gold leaf and beaten precious metals.

From traditional hand crafting to modern production

It is very important to us that we continually develop and optimise gold leaf products at our goldbeaters. The various areas of application for beaten precious metals and unusual customer requests always pose new challenges for us, which we are happy to take on. That’s why we are continually investing in the development of the traditional craft in gold beating.

Gold leaf manufacturing has been a traditionally loud and dusty craft in our home town of Schwabach for over 500 years. That would be inconceivable today – at Eytzinger, we place great importance on environmental protection. We have created workplaces in which our employees can manufacture gold leaf with minimal noise and dust impact. Our employees do not require ear protection – this is unique in our craft. We are convinced that making a good product requires a pleasant working environment.