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Gold makes the masterful details in stucco visible

If the base is sealed and prepared for gilding, gilding on stucco is a feasible task, as this base is a very good medium for gold leaf. Most gilding on stucco is ideally carried out on the ceiling, and therefore lasts a long time.

Before gilding, the stucco should be examined to check if gilding is viable. Every gilding needs a beginning and an end. If the stucco has suitable edges with the appropriate ornamentation, gilding can be carried out without any difficulty. If the shapes flow into each other without clear boundaries, the gilder’s work becomes arduous. Full gilding may then be the best solution. However, the surface to be gilded should be of good quality, as gold leaf ruthlessly highlights every slight inaccuracy and flaw in the surface of the stucco. Conversely, however, gilding also highlights the perfect work and masterly achievement of a stucco plasterer.