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Bronze powder

Bronze powder is a very fine metal powder produced from copper and zinc. We supply it in various colours. It is important to know that the powder goes a very long way.

Since bronze consists primarily of copper, you should make sure you use a finish with a low acidity. Thanks to its composition, bronze tends to oxidise rapidly, developing a darker colour and losing its metallic sheen. The application of a coating that is suitable for bronze is a requirement when working with bronze powder.

Supplied in these colours

  • Rich gold 70 % copper 30 % zinc
  • Pale gold 90 % copper 10 % zinc
  • Rich pale gold 85 % copper 15 % zinc
  • Fine gold 90 % copper 10 % zinc

Packaging sizes in stock

  • Prod. no. 61000 125 gram
  • Prod. no. 61100 250 gram
  • Larger quantities are also available

Prices and delivery times

We would be happy to supply you with a quotation, for which we need the following information:

  • product number
  • desired colour
  • the quantity required