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Palladium leaf

Exquisite palladium leaf with exclusive colouring

Palladium (Pd) is one of the platinum-group metals and has a subtle grey colour with a particularly exquisite appearance. This look is particularly popular with oligarchs and their designers. The metal only melts at 1554° C and even after this, very delicate handling is required to beat it into thin and smooth palladium leaf.

We offer a choice of two grades of palladium

  • Palladium leaf standard thickness, suitable for inside and outside
  • Palladium leaf thin grade, suitable for glass gilding applications

Suitable gilding techniques for palladium leaf

Gilding techniques with water based goldsize, Mixtion Lefranc and gelatine, such as glass gilding for example, create an excellent result without significant difficulties.

Palladium leaf is more difficult to work with in water gilding. Because palladium leaf is considerably more brittle than gold or silver leaf, this precious metal does not cling as well when it is applied to the item being gilded. It is difficult to make palladium shine by polishing with an agate stone, and it tears off easily at the overlaps.

Palladium is supplied in the following options, formats and types:

  • Palladium leaf standard thickness – for indoor and outdoor “gilding”
  • Palladium leaf thin grade – for glass “gilding”
  • Palladium formats: 80 mm / 85 mm / 90 mm / 91.5 mm / 93 mm / 100 mm / and rectangular
  • Type: loose / transfer
  • Packaging: 25 palladium leaves placed in one tissue paper booklet
  • Packing units in books: 25 sheet – 250 sheet – 300 sheet – 500 sheet – other options available
  • Palladium leaf on rolls: see gold leaf on rolls

Palladium leaf price inquiry – we would be delighted to help

Would you like a price for palladium? Please provide the following information so we can send you an up-to-date quotation.

  • desired thickness
  • format
  • type (loose or transfer)
  • the required quantity