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Ceilings & walls

Exclusive interiors – Gilded ceilings and walls

Ceilings and walls provide an ideal surface for gilders and church restorers as gold leaf is very easy to apply on sealed and non-absorbent substrates. Walls above a height of two metres and most ceilings offer excellent surfaces for impressive gildings. The danger of scratching and other damages is basically negligeable in this area. These gildings offer the observer virtually everlasting charm.

When using real gold leaf with a fineness of at least 22 carats, there is no need for a final coat of varnish to protect against oxidation. This advantage in the use of gold leaf eliminates a very time-consuming part of the gilding process. The most important argument against a final varnish, however, is that only without varnish, the gold leaf maintains all its lustre and reflection. Especially in building interiors, the natural reflection of light sources on unvarnished gold leaf surfaces is a very vibrant element that makes the shine of gold so impressive for the observer.